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Sportal VIP is the first sports portal to be powered by as many as 3 cryptocurrencies, so far.

What it means?

Every post on Sportal will be automatically rewarded with Crypto currency.

How does it work?

The principle is simple for the users of the Portal, but very technically complicated.
Namely, every post, at the moment it is posted on our Sportal, will be registered in the decentralized Blockchain Hive, which means that it will be forever registered in the decentralized database, which can never be extinguished, nor can it be physically deleted from that decentralized bases.
Therefore, the Post can get votes in Blockchain, directly from our Sportal.

Also, you can vote directly below the post, and each of your votes, if you are a registered user in Hive, will have the value of Hive Cryptocurrency, as well as the voter himself, after 7 days of posting, earn, also from the total value of post votes. How exactly this works will be explained in another post.

Of course, you can follow Hive cryptocurrency online at any time here:

Sportal profile in Hive:

Additionally, in addition to Hive Blockchain, we also use LBRY Cryptocurrency, for example, for videos, which means that if you are a registered user in LBRY (Library) Credits, or LBC, you earn extra while watching the video.

Of course, like Hive, you can follow the LBRY cryptocurrency online at any time here:

Sportal profile on

Sportal profile in (second portal of

The third, LIKE currency, as “Applause”, additionally each post has an applause button. This is a fairly new Blockchain system, so it is not so well known yet, but you can also follow this currency here:


In each of these 3 crypto systems, you can also register, and using our Sportal, also earn money on your posts.

If you are interested in how to make registrations, we will explain in another post.

We look forward to your posts.

Your Sportal Team.

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